CHP alliance conspiracy: Y Party and HDP will see it

WPP fraction Deputy Minister Engin zko, "From 1 October everyone benefits from Turkey, we, the people who love CHP, the country and the nation, we will all continue towards the future of Turkey." he said.

zko, in a hotel in Abant Nature Park on September 28, the CHP 27th. grace of Allah, wished success with his family.

zko continued with:

"If the cases of martyrs continue, I will not take any serious steps in the completion of the earthly deregulation of our country, I say."

Zko, Turkey, with unity, btnl and reputation primarily in well-being, zgrlk, happiness, justice to live in the TGM should be expressed by expressing the flour, said flour.

"The main opposition strike in the Turkish parliament, the CHP, the parliament, the parliament of the nation, not a palace, not a person, not the representative of the nation will show the aspiration." I told my good friend one on one sz and told me about the difficult situation in Turkey and the provinces.Kr As I mentioned in Dn, everything about Turkey is a concern, to the nation of the people of the nation, the nation and the nation of the nation and the nation and the nation … in all profits in the country, we, CHP people, the nation and the nation with our nation, we will all live together for the future of Turkey.

– "This is a matter of political parties."

A member of the press, "the CHP-General Minister Kemal Kldarolu and deputies in the meeting held on the form of an alliance in the form is said." Do you give information about what the form? "The question is not a legal alliance in this alliance, a legal alliance is not a concern here, the alliance of the nation, the alliance of the party bases is needed." The political party, which is a political party, will do its utmost to support the political party in the opposition found in the evaluation.

"This issue is no longer a matter of CHP, Y party, HDP or other political party," he said, referring to the issue of the political party. en if necessary, on a regular basis, with base, on the basis of the province, everyone will make the decision of the alliance with the alliance of the nation. "used expressions.

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