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Social Justice and Assistance Association (TAYDER), which is active in Izmir, has made a water announcement about former CUM deputy Dursuniek for a TV channel.

Dernein attorney Ela lden to the Republic of Ankara Basavcl Constitutional Dzene Kar lenen Water is sent to the Ministry of Water in the request of the Republic of Basavlna Zak zmir, the former CHP delegate Dursuniek in "Hkmetin strike for the strike to perform or to provoke complete teebbs, public resentment and dman or said aunt.

The public prosecutor, a television channel, the guest Dursun Iki answered a question that he was asked: "Judges, prosecutors and prosecutors who do not have the right to judge the law", he continued, "they lower the power , we see how they judge, and he explained that it emphasized the individuality of the water.

In the Katld television channel "opposition" under the general election of the president and deputies before and after the Fetullah terrrt (FET) militants who encouraged the program, encouraging programs were created, the phlegaglegme and the people who hidden by the determination of the punishment was asked to be punished.

TAYDER Minister Gmk, the subject of money laundering, FET, the Ergenekon san to judge as the Ergenekon san, which in favor of FET & # 39; nun continued in the direction of Rgtn Amalar claimed.

Gmk, yle residence:

To prevent the strike from being performed on television, the person who contacted the FET contacted a team of people, in this way he made grills and worked together with rgt. The FET militants turned out to be a new preparation in the wrist teebbs, which are more despite the tensions of the Ece. he also mentioned the bet and the prosecutors must be identified and made in accordance with the court guess.


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