Citizens who eat sacrifices in Trabzon have gone to the hospital

In Trabzon, some people who ate of the sacrifice followed the authorities to report to hospitals because of the injuries that had occurred in their hands. Some people who ate in the Çolaklı Mahallesi district of Akçaabat, affected by the sacrifice, were applied to the hospital because of the lesions on their hands. In this case, it turned out that no anthrax threat was found in the surveys among the citizens whose blood samples were taken, and was brought to Ankara for the exact result of the blood samples taken as a preventive measure in these patients.


It was claimed that blood samples taken for preventive purposes were sent to the Hygiene Center in Ankara for the definitive result of these persons when it was determined that no danger of anthrax was found in the blood sample study.


The Health Authorities authorities stated that the lesions were formed in the hands of some persons who had applied for hospitalization in the hospital and blood samples were taken from these people and they were sent to the Hygiene Center in Ankara for the final result. Authorities stated that the blood samples sent by policlinical patients to hospitals and sent to their homes were sent to the center of Hıfzısshhha for preventative purposes and that the initial findings that they were not worried about shuan were considered negative .

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Trabzon Provincial Directorate of Agriculture Cahit Gulbay stated that the results of the samples were negative and said that "Citizens who were injured in Akçaabat district will be contacted with the Health Directorate.When we were transferred to us, we have necessary studies on anthrax in the region, we always warn our citizens of the danger of anthrax, and even in the smallest case we want our citizens to go to hospitals to undergo the necessary tests. "

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