Condolence Visit to the House of Martyr of Akar

ANKARA (AA) – Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar said: "The days that our country will live in confidence and peace, that our nationality is worth the 81 million citizens." he said.

Akar, accompanied by chief general staff Yasar Guler and forces in the province of Ağrı Dogubayazit in the operation of separatist terrorist organization on August 21, injured and treated in the hospital, lieutenant legend Jalal Dağlı & # 39; nın, condolence visit to the family in Cankaya.

The minister Akar, who met the Canfeda mountain of the martyr and the commanders of the armed forces, talked for a while with the painful father. He prayed for the martyrs after the Quranic recitation.

Akar, who talked to Şehidin's father and expressed his condolences to his relatives, will continue to show that "the unity of our country and our nationality has done everything by the Turkish forces to ensure the integrity, security, sovereignty and independence of to guarantee our noble nationality. " she said.

When entering the armed forces, Akar, stressing that they assume the concept of "a martyr when we die, a veteran when we die", he continued his speech as follows:

"Allah has given this martyrdom to some of us, and some of them have continued to serve." Our brother Jalal has accomplished his mission with great dedication, with great devotion, with great nobility as he reached the stage of martyrdom with the attack of traitors by his attack. safety. "

Minister Akar pointed out that they have done their duty with great determination and determination and will continue to do so:

"This terror will come to an end and all our state will fight with all its strength and all security forces, members of the Turkish forces, our gendarmes, our policemen and our guards in a great fight before the end of this terror, in the mountains on the hills, in the winter in the snow, in the winter and in the winter, in summer and winter, are the prayers of the friend of our sacrifices and heroism, terror will end with the support of our state.We do everything we can to end this, and we will continue to show Turkey, our country, in the trust deserves our 81-million nation, to live in near the days in peace and comfortably, we will continue our fight on a continuous and complete way with the thought of being killed, martyr, veteran & # 39; being when we die. "

During his visit to the Minister Akar, head of the General Staff, General Yasar Guler, commander General Ümit Dündar, Commander of the Air Force, Hasan Küçükakyüz, commander of the navy auction moment Adnan Ozbal was accompanied.

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