Decision of appointment and appointment of President Erdogan!

According to the President's decree published in the Government Gazette by the signature of the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Investment and Enterprises General Manager Kudret Arslan, Copyright Director-General Dr. Şaban Karataş, chairman of the Board of Inspectors Asim Keser and 1st legal advisor Ahmet Nuri Ekici were hired to appoint another family member.

It is clear that this emptiness is open and open; Murat Gürün at the General Directorate of Cultural Assets and Museums at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Birol İnceciköz at his assistant, Murat Demirören at the Directorate General of Investments and Companies, Levent Kırcan at the Assistant Directorate of Copyright. Murat Karahan to the general management of the State Opera and Ballet, Mustafa Kurt to the general management of the state theater and Nurpınar Tente Ödemiş to the assistant general director of the promotion.

According to the decisions of the president, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Director-General of the State Hydraulic engineering works Murat Acu, general manager of meteorology İsmail Güneş, managing director of the livestock farming Muhittin Eyimaya, managing director of the fisheries and aquaculture. Durali Koçak, managing director of agricultural reform Bülent Selek, managing director of desertification and erosion Mehmet Mustafa Gözükara, general director of nature conservation and national parks Nurettin Taş, general manager of the Soil Timber Office and chairman of the board İsmail Kemaloğlu and general manager of agricultural enterprises İsmail Şanlı,

Mevlüt Aydın, Directorate-General for Meteorology, Zekeriyya Erdurmu to the Directorate-General for Livestock, Mustafa Altuğ Atalay to the Directorate-General for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Agricultural Reform Hasan Ozlu as Managing Director, Bilal Dikmen as Managing Director of Water Management, Ahmet İpek as managing director of desertification and erosion, Yusuf Kandazoğlu as managing director of nature conservation and national parks, managing director of the Crops office of Toprak and board of directors Mr Ahmet Güldal, Mr Ayşe Ayşin Işıkgece at the Directorate- General Agriculture, Mr Osman Uzun to the General Director and the Chairman of the Meat and Milk Institute, Mr Fuat Fikret Aktaş to the Directorate-General for Crop Production, Mr Özkan Kayacan to the Directorate-General for Agricultural Research and Policy, Mr Aykin in the Directorate-General for External Relations Caglayan Ozcan, Süleyman Distinguished to Head of Guidance and Inspection, Oruç Baba İnan to Strategy Development Presidency, Dursun Kelkit to 1st Legal Consultant, İsa Sertkaya to President of Education and Publication Department, Ahmet Kavak to President of Tobacco and Alcohol Department, Mehmet Hasdemir to President of Sugar Department, Ecmel Ercan as president and Selçuk Kavasoğlu as president of the computer center.


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