Digital Lotto results September 1: According to the results of the digital lottery there is no winner, 1.5 million pounds transferred!

For the results of the digital lottery, lucky number 6 of the week was signed for the civil-law notary. Countless lottery numbers were recorded by the National Lottery Administration in the live lottery. According to the results of the lottery of the Numerical Lotto on 1 September, six people appeared and the big bonus of 1 million 551 thousand 626 TL was transferred to the next lottery. 1145. Numerical lotto results, details of the lottery numbers and details of the lottery.


After the numbers of the week were recorded, the results of the 1145th Digital Lotto also appeared. According to the results of the National Lottery Administration Digital Lottery, 6 million people have not transferred a million 551 thousand 626 pounds 68 kuruş jackpot.

1145. Number of lottery drawings: 3 – 9 – 21 – 25 – 30 – 38

Numerical lottery drawing, five people 161 people 4 thousand 59 pounds 70 er there kuruş, 4 knows 75 thousand people 64 pounds five thousand penny, 3 knowing that 138 thousand 834 people will receive ninety-five hundred pence.

The digital lottery results


National Lottery Administration launched a new era in Digital Lotto. The Digital Lotto is now taken twice a week. At the same time, the period in the Digital Lotto was also regulated. The number of revolutions in the Digital Lotto was limited to 3 weeks. From July 18th, the Lottery Lottery will be held twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

In the case of Numerical Lotto (6/49) draws held on Wednesday and Saturday, if the winning numbers are not known, the main prize is transferred to the other lottery, the application is continued until the winning number of the main prize is known .

For four weeks, if the correct bet number 6 does not go out, the application of the distribution of the large bonus amount to a subgroup (5 balls) has ended. In the Lotto (Lotto) lotto of Digital Lotto the big bonus is transferred to the following draws, unless there is a correct bet for number 6.


  1. LIQUID NUMBER OF LIVING DATE: 1 – 2 – 13 – 28 – 39 – 46

Numerical Lotto 1144. four people who know the lottery and 863 thousand 333 pounds won a jackpot prize. According to the National Lottery Administration's statement, it turned out that the lucky winner had landed in Çankaya county in Ankara.

Numerous Lotto lottery 5 people 60 people 6 thousand 95 pounds 70 er there kuruş, 4 people 3,000 313 people 82 pounds 90 tokens and 3 people 64 thousand 697 people received 12 TL prices.


The number of columns you want to play is called and you can fill the columns automatically. Then you only have to pay the costs and get your ticket. If you want to enter the numbers yourself, you must obtain the blank coupon and mark the numbers you have selected with your pen. You will try to find 6 correct numbers totaling 3, 4, 5 by choosing 6 names you choose between 1 and 49 numbers. The tours are shared by more than 3 correct participants. Participants eligible for the draw are entitled to a big bonus. The big bonus is more than a million lira & # 39; s.

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