Do not make plans without looking at the weather

[Haber görseli]According to the latest evaluations of the Directorate-General Meteorology; the north-eastern part of the country is very cloudy and it is estimated that the surrounding areas of Sinop, Samsun, Ordu, Giresun, Trabzon, Rize, Artvin and Ardahan will be local rain and thunderstorms and other places will be cloudy and open.

According to estimates by the Directorate-General Meteorology, the temperature of the weather is expected to be above seasonal standards. In general, the wind is expected to be somewhat north and northeast, the Mediterranean coasts and occasionally a medium-sized quartz breeding in the Southeastern Anatolia region in the west and southwest. In some cases the highest temperatures of the day with expected weather conditions are as follows:

Ankara: cloudy and clear 34

Istanbul: Misty and foggy parts of the eastern parts in the morning

Izmir: cloudy and clear 33

Bursa: few clouds and open 35

Adana: Clear with cloudy and clear 35

Antalya: clear with cloudy and cloudy 33

Samsun: Half cloudy, from & # 39; s afternoon to local showers and thunderstorms. Rain 28

Trabzon: partly cloudy, from & # 39; s afternoon to local showers and thunderstorms with pouring rain 28

Erzurum: Partly cloudy 28

Diyarbakir: cloudy and clear 39

[Haber görseli]

According to global forecasting systems, the temperatures that persist for a few days gradually drop in the middle of the week with rainy rifts entering the country.

[Haber görseli]All will EFFECTIEF in Turkey

5 intervals of rainfall, which starts to work in September to mid-September in Turkey in the region is expected to show themselves.

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