Dropped Truck Dropped In Arab Ferry – Istanbul

The Yenikapı pier was lifted with the aid of a crane after loading the vegetables and fruit in the van that had fallen into the ferry that was connected to other trucks.

A truck on the Yalova – Yenikapi expedition was thrown over a car with the influence of gigantic waves. Fruit and vegetables in the truck that was pushed to the Yenikapi pier on the Arab ferry were evacuated to other trucks. The truck, which had been flattened with the help of a crane for the event, was then drawn from the ferry to an empty area. While the vehicles waiting in the ferry were lowered from the ferry, the intensity of the vehicle that formed in the pier returned to normal after the removal of the truck.

While they learned that there were no injuries in the accident that occurred in an airboat on the ferry, material damage occurred in the van and the car he knocked over.

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