Elections to be made in March 2019 "- Sakarya News

– Ali İhsan Yavuz, deputy chairman of the AK party election,
Yavuz & # 39; s statements Ali İhsan Yavuz, deputy chairman of the AK Party election, "The elections will certainly be held in March 2019, There is no such thing as standing in front. "

Ali İhsan Yavuz, who after the 6th ordinary big congress of the AK party to the post of vice president of the AK party was led, visited the provincial president of Sakarya and had a meeting with the party members.


Yavuz recalled that a large congress was being held: "There were 40 thousand people out there, MKYK and MYK meetings were held, I am very pleased with the President of the Republic of Turkey. I am very excited about the messages from our president, FMC was announced, Ali İhsan Yavuz was not declared there, it was Sakarya, that was you. "He said.

Yavuz, expressed in places where not even imagine "election period, we worked to sahur us every evening, Mr. President. I will work more closely now, due to the great honor you see him approach the more clearly and you can see it yourself in Turkey, It is imperative that the Ummah has the greatest honor to be with such a President of the Republic work, to forgive our future for our future, to have enough of it, and I will always be grateful to you for that. & # 39;

Yavuz said that they immediately went to work because they said there was a choice for them: "We have already debated whether the elections are early or not, and there is no calendar left to build. made when the election can be recorded as March 31, 2019. What remained the full 7 months we already had a choice of what is 7 months we started immediately followed other preparations elections, but this time stayed for 7 months and we must have our largest success, both Sakarya and Turkey & # 39; also. "

Yavuz said he wanted to give some messages and said:"

"Absolutely, the elections will be held in March 2019, there is no such thing as forward, but we are giving our start with these festival visits. switch. "We can not warm up the field without starting candidate candidacy and we can not free up time for candidates.

Yavuz said the games of the United States of America and other powers would be wasted." Yavuz again listens to the president in the FMC. "

It is important that the center increases its freedom of choice and it is important, I am extremely hopeful, Mr. President, and I will be extraordinarily hands-on, clear, steadfast, and will throw it, I I've always had his ear tags, but I've seen more. "He said.

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