Erdogan & # 39; s first FMC instructions

The president and AK party chairman Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who invested in the "opposite corner" with their preferences and preferences in the Council of Ministers and the parliamentary administration, changed the percentage by 60 percent, but did not return to the top from the MKYK decision-making body. On the contrary, Erdogan spent his life telling reporters on his return from South Africa. The president, " We are currently not on behalf of our ministerial colleagues in the party headquarters, there is no such thing." As far as relations between the legislature and the executive power are concerned, we now have friends in the legislative body in our FMC At the same time, when our ministers are a subject that needs to be delivered, it is possible to get there by our delegates, we invite our meeting friends to MKYK and MYK, and they can easily inform you there. no obstacle to this " said. Erdogan did what he said and did not take 4 ministers to MKYK. So he got the ministers out of politics.

Radical change

At the sixth ordinary congress of Erdogan, the main decision-making body of the party, MKYK and it is possible to read the design made in the executive agency FMC as a high message about the two main areas of interest. One of them is a strong party management and the other is a high success in local elections. The place to search for these two messages is the FMC executive. The parties regard the changes in the VCC, especially in the organizations, local governments and the vice-presidencies of the election affairs as "radical" and interpret Erdogan as both parties and elections as "I hear your voice, I change things". The presence of five or six former ministers in the FMC indicates that a strong and productive work is aimed at mixing experienced and young names in the same committee. Erdogan was the first president to be elected and in the period between his departure and his return remarks were made about the axis of the party.

Local election start

After the congress Erdogan collected both the MKYK and the FMC and placed local elections for the party as the most concrete political target. At the meeting, the president said: "We will be working in local elections from tomorrow", and immediately after the festival the local elections gave a mandate to the MYK meeting. FMC, which is likely to be collected on August 29, will probably take a long time because all preparations are being monitored. All units have been instructed to "use your energy to prepare for local elections". The president expects that local election work will begin and the head office will increase. Although the political backlog on November 4 was shocked by the early local election story, it is said that the election of President Erdoğan in the first meetings with the Boards is not on the agenda.

Emphasis on coordination

One of the instructions given by Erdogan in the first FMC was that of equality between powers. The spokesperson for the party, which was conducted in the AK party together with the Presidium for promotion media, was separated. Ömer Çelik was brought to the spokesman for the party, but he will not lead it as vice-president. Steel will also coordinate the party with the legislature and the executive. So with this new definition, the spokesperson of the party got more weight.

The president, who is not aware of making contradictory statements between president, parliament and party, spoke about some basic issues in the past: "The spokespeople may not make harmonization very important, very different from each other."

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