Erdogan evaluated his visit to Germany: our group is smaller

Erdogan answered the questions of journalists on the way back from Germany.


Fat We have come to Germany with a positive agenda. It was a fun and successful visit in terms of welcome, security and state protocol. Both Steinmeier and Luck Merkel were really welcome. I can say that we have reached agreement on the further development of our bilateral economic relations. On 25 October the German Minister of Economy comes to our country with a large business delegation.


A large Turkish community lives in Germany. Discrimination and anti-Islamism remain a fundamental problem. Attacks at mosques and associations are alarming. This situation also contradicts European values. The concepts of democracy, the rule of law, equality and pluralism can therefore be questioned. Therefore, we should not ignore such problems. Almost 10 thousand people in Cologne, despite the opening of the mosque, could not listen directly to us. The German authorities have said that security is not possible by saying this. We had to carry out the opening with a limited number of participants. But our goal is to eat grapes. We have said that we should make the opening of our mosque the best possible way. We have done it too.

Erdogan evaluated his visit to Germany: our group is smaller

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As a result, Germany is an important country for us. There are problems, of course we can not say that we have already completely overcome them. But I think we have an important chance of overcoming problems. Together with our ministers we will increase the mutual transport. Both Mr. Chancellor, Mr. President would have invited to Turkey, they said that they could also come. I hope to entertain themselves by Turkey in 2019 this intermittent period will be surpassed.


One of the questions about Germany, the PKK, feto, sensitive enough not to be treated in Turkey against the actions of organizations such as DHKP-C. We expect the German authorities to fight against them more effectively. The effective fight against the structures that threaten our national security is our basic right. in answer they say about some of the people trapped in Turkey, we have indicated that they asked us for real information more accurate. Events by listening to those who are not anti-anti closet or the president in Turkey for listening through the official channels, we told him that it would be more accurate based on the steps to be taken. We have argued that walking with people who are against the government can not achieve healthy results. The difference in approach with FETO is obvious. They say there is not enough evidence. Although we have given all the evidence to them, even though we have made judicial decisions, it is not possible to understand that they are almost being ignored.


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(Members of the terrorist organization requested) I do not know all names, but a list of popular ones. A list of 136 people in Germany. In the list that is forwarded to the US, the number is not. Folders of more than 4,000 names related to the PKK were given to Germany. You know, we have passed 85 package documents to the US. Later Mr. Trump to forward the names instead of documents. We have reported more than 20 names. What will happen will show the next process. However, their understanding of terrorism varies. They have trouble understanding us because they do not have such a problem.


(Dinner with the President of Germany) It was not so stylish to have such a way of eating. We discussed with you, discussed these issues. You did not have to re-articulate them during dinner at dinner. Even the Germans felt uncomfortable. Olmuş Steinmeier did wrong and Erdogan reacted well. In our country we want to invite a guest for dinner and do not make such an attempt. The media say that I do not like to have such an attitude in the form of the author or in the form of domestic politics.


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Of course it makes sense for a country to talk about the meeting and the demonstration that it is afraid to allow a room meeting. It is difficult to reconcile it with freedom. But the other side of 5 years to 10 months, someone had been convicted in Turkey (Can Dündar) do their clothes to seek the law. What does that have to do with you? One was convicted in Turkey. We have a refund agreement between us. Falling for you is to give it back to us. They also want the prisoners to give them 5-10 Germans in Turkey. I told them they are on trial for certain crimes. How the Turks who committed crimes in Germany are being prosecuted and the person committing a crime is being tried. I reminded them that Turkey is a constitutional state.


They are always grateful for what we have done to Syria, especially in the region. Without this month an extraordinary situation in Russia, Germany, France, Turkey, will perform as a quartet hope that the Istanbul Summit. I spoke with Macron, he is positive. Merkel also said, var There are Bavarian elections on October 14, let's do it after the elections M. This will be an important step. Worldwide I see that the one-sided policy of the Trump government causes inconvenience in Europe. We continue to take steps by strengthening our cooperation with the EU and other regions.


We will talk about Syria, especially Idlib. Our goal is to move to the better place in the more positive direction. Now they have a small group. USA, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, Jordan, Germany, France have a total of 7 countries. These meetings do not call Turkey. They do not even call Syria. They meet in Syria, Syria is not in this meeting. That's Trump's meeting. I said to Mr. Merkel: "We are too small Ben.


(Let Euro 2024 be given to Germany) Let me speak openly. I did not care. This always turns around. You give me two world cups, you give a European Cup. You do this in the same country. As you say when it comes to Turkey. If the facility is not currently in German, we have no rest. It is very modern and has much better facilities in kilometers. Good luck. As a result, we saved money.


(Will Russia, China and Germany converge as a result of US trade attacks?) I wonder? You put the question mark in it anyway. Among these things the country can be China, which can be a point of view at the moment. I'm still not going to comment on that.


President Erdoğan opposed CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, who criticized some of his contacts in the United States and Germany with the words "begging to borrow money". We already get the situation in our country. In a very short time we will overcome this difficulty, Çok said. Erdogan explained the details of his conversations in Germany and said:


Di The breakfast we had with Merkel was mainly the economy. The Minister of Industry and Technology will cooperate with the counterparts, the counterparts of the Ministry of Finance and the Treasury. I see that we have a chance to take many steps towards the defense industry. I see that we can take many steps on advanced technology. Likewise, I see that we can take a number of joint steps as health ministries. They have equipment such as MRI, tomography. Many of these relate to Siemens. Was the opportunity to meet with president of Siemens, maybe it can be said of the joint production in Turkey. There will also be opportunities to make some investments in Siemens at different locations. We spoke to Merkel about the rail system at breakfast. They took their notes. To follow us, you can follow this.


with investments in Turkey, we held a very productive meeting with German companies. It was gratifying the interest of companies in Turkey. We want to encourage them to make new investments. Siemens, Bosch them 150 years in Turkey, 130 years companies. There are a few companies for the car industry. We will conduct negotiations with all these companies and follow them closely through our investment office.


(Kılıçdaroğlu & # 39; s & # 39; Debt and Criticism) Gülünç. The speech that we have held at the United Nations is clear. If we have borrowed it, we can borrow it from where we borrowed it. Our goal with such visits is to take steps to attract foreign investments to our countries. In addition, if we were to do the task of the IMF the debt of 23.5 billion dollars of Turkey were distributed. Who owed it? It was a debt of the CHP in the past when MHP was in power. In our period it was put back to debt. Contrary to what someone claims, I can not do business with the IMF at the moment. We are already starting to restore the situation in our country. In a very short time we will endure this deprivation and we will enter into a much more serious, much different way.

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