Especially the rich! The gift is packed

After the robbery in Sarıyer, a luxurious site in the Darüşşakafa neighborhood, the chiefs of the theft agent came into action. A.N.Y sitting on a luxurious site. suspects from the house of the mentioned citizen samples 13 thousand dollars, 10 thousand pounds, 3 gold rings, 3 gold bracelets and 10 wrist watches. The teams investigating the recordings of the site's security camera's have started to identify the identity of the suspects. During work
When entering a luxury house in Çengelköy the same high-quality ladies bags and suspects were involved in the ambiguity of luxury on the luxury stage with the 6 bracelet-playing suspects. This incident about the incident in the incident suspected wife G. incident was caught and taken into custody. It is taught that the male suspect is named Ahmet T, who is reported to be a crime partner.

Gift G. brought to the Public Security Branch Directorate of theft, official document forgery, including a total of 21 criminal record was registered. After the legal proceedings, the defendant was referred to the judiciary for removal of the defendant Gift G. against the judge.


The moment of theft that the suspects in the apartment made by entering the apartment was reflected in the security cameras. After the suspects entered the apartment, they had to go to the apartment and collect their valuables for seconds at security cameras.


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