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Prof. dr. Ayşe Hanim and Aunt Riza are among the most difficult economic subjects in the world. Dr. Gungor Uras & # 39; funeral ceremony held in Bebek Hümayun-u Abad Mosque, leading names of business, media, political world and many citizens participated.

Güngör Uras & # 39; s wife Nuran Uras, her daughter Elif Uras and her grandson Lukas Ali accepted the taste in the courtyard of the mosque, while the lovers of Uras prayed at the beginning of the coffin.

The grandfather of Lukas Ali was the last and everyone was emotional.

funeral ceremony Uras & # 39; s, AK Party vice-chairman spouse, CHP Istanbul Deputy Ilhan Cutter, Turkey Football Association (TFF) Honorary President of UEFA and FIFA Honorary Member Şenesen Erzik, Demirören Media Group President and Milliyet newspaper CEO Mehmet Soysal, nationality Vahap Munyar, chief editor of the newspaper, Mete Belovacıklı, chief editor of the newspaper, Hakan Güldağ, editor-in-chief of the world newspaper, Berna Yilmaz, wife of Mesut Yilmaz of former prime ministers, and Erol Evgin from the business, economy and media worlds.

Ayşe Aeyeli çelengi

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Finance Berat Albayrak and Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli sent a wreath to one of the wreaths made for Güngör Uras. Attention was paid to the names of Ayşe Aeya and Ali Riza Uncle. After the funeral prayer followed by the afternoon prayer of the funeral of Uras, it was given to the ground at the Aşiyan cemetery.

& # 39; You become Minister of Foreign Affairs & # 39;

Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu shared a memory of Güngör Uras, who handed the message of condolence to Milliyet after his death. Çavuşoğlu said they had a conversation with Gungor Uras during their visit to Japan in December 2003 and said: "I learned that I know Japanese during this trip," You both know the language and the language very well. You will be the exact Minister of Foreign Affairs in the future, "he said, repeating the same remarks when I was President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, then he said to me:" You are a very enterprising person. person.you used the expression & # 39; he said & # 39; if you were minister of foreign affairs.

The place is difficult to fill

AK Party deputy chairman husband, Güngör Uras wrote in that article with a journalist important for the development of the national economy in Turkey, he said.

Freed, "The place is difficult to fill in. And of course, one of her greatest talents is to be able to share her opinion in a way that Aunt Ayşe can understand in a difficult subject like the economy." The article talked about the current problems, but eventually he wrote articles in the history of Turkey is a reflection of the economy, Allah is grace, so let the place be heaven. "

Milliyet Newspaper Economy Manager Şükrü Andaç, "Güngör Uras" Milliyet Newspaper we have been working for 20 years Güngör Hocam said every morning: & # 39; Tell me, my son, what is it today? & # 39; He has us He always wanted to learn, he was always a student, Allah is God's grace. "

Güngör Uras came on his last trip to the Bebek mosque. Many names from the business world, politics and media have joined the show.

& # 39; He was a teacher in the Turkish business world & # 39;

General Manager of Garanti Bank Fuat Erbil:

"We are deeply saddened to lose the great master, economics and teacher of the Turkish business world, Güngör Uras, and I wish my patience and condolences to all Milliyet Newspaper community lovers, my press, my sad family and my deceased deacon who has a great value for our country and the Turkish press, with the knowledge, research personality, ideas and interpretations based on concrete statements.

& # 39; Great loss for our country & # 39;

Akbank General Manager Hakan Binbaşgil:

"He was a very precious man, it's a great value and a loss, it was a corner writer that I read, he was a person we all loved and respected, even the most difficult economic topics were written by Away Ayse under leadership of the fundamental writer and the public The country is a great loss for the press and for all of us, I wish Allah's mercy. "

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