Fire panic in a 5-star hotel The flames that rose from the roof of the hotel caused fear and panic hotel customers threw themselves out

A fire broke out on the roof of a 5-storey hotel in the Alanya province of Antalya. Tourists, who were in the hotel, panicked when the fire brigade intervened and almost died in an hour that they were not killed or injured in a fire.
The fire was on the roof of a 5-storey hotel on Hacıkadiroğlu Street in Obagöl, at 10.30 am. When he saw the smoke rise, he told the firefighters. After registration, 8 fire brigades and 20 fire brigades from the Metropolitan Municipality of Antalya started to intervene in the torches. After about an hour of work, the fire could be controlled under control. The tourists who stayed at the hotel threw themselves into panic, while the translators watched the fire with worried eyes. Some of them tried to get images of the fire with their mobile phones. When the cause of death was investigated and the fire was not dead or wounded, the penthouse became unusable.

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