Firearms fired at the knot in Siirt hit the high-voltage line

SIIRT (AA) – It is reported that Siirt's electrification line, which is charged with 31,500 volts of energy, is being broken by some people participating in the wedding and that this is the reason that firearms are being shot in the air.

Dicle Elektrik, Kurtalan district of Kayabağlar township because of guns fired at a knot in the city of high-voltage cables fell on the crowd explained.

During the wedding ceremony that was held under the overhead power line, during the shooting to the air, the bullet of the power line that hit the bullet was broken and the fallen people fell on the statement below that the protection system was switched on and the energy in the line was immediately cut off.

In the statement that some civilians were injured in the incident, the following was recorded:

"This hattan has been reheated in a short time of 21 residential units in the field of electricity 22. When the forensic investigation continues in the Kayabağlar area where the event is going on, the broken conductor will be renewed and then the electricity will be delivered. want our injured to have a quick cure during the event, we have been warned in different ways that no shot may come in the air for any purpose where electric transmission lines are present.

Some people opened fire in the air with long rifles and pistols at the junction in the Kurtalan village of Kayabağlar. The bullets that came out of the firearms hit the high-voltage line cables across the wedding grounds and the broken cables fell on the crowd. Six people injured in the electric current.

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