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In the Trabzonspor Club a festive ceremony was held because of the Festival of Sacrifice.

Trabzonspor Mehmet Ali Yilmaz Facilities, organized in the program, Trabzonspor Club President Ahmet Agaoglu and members of the board, Trabzonspor coach Unal Karaman burgundy-blue football players were ready.

Trabzon governor Yücel Yavuz, AK Party Trabzon deputies Muhammet Balta, Adnan Günnar, Bahar Ayvazoğlu and Salih Cora, CHP Trabzon Deputy Ahmet Kaya, GOOD party Party Trabzon Deputy Hüseyin Örs, Trabzon Metropolitan Mayor Orhan Fevzi, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Gümrükçoğlu, Özkan Sumer who resigned from Trabzonspor's general coordination office, representatives of the club's relevant councils, former administrators, political parties and non-governmental organizations and supporters participated.

Minister Turhan congratulated the Eid al-Fitr of all Trabzonspor folklore in the speech he gave here, in the person of Ağaoğlu.

Trabzonspor, the common value of Trabzon, is a national heritage. "Turhan said that the most beautiful holiday environment in Trabzon is in Trabzonspor, he said.

Turhan stressed that there are some championships in Anatolia at the time of Trabzonspor and stressed that it is a team that has been driving championships to Anatolia and said: "We have enjoyed the joy of champions as a fan of Trabzonspor in our youth, I want a technical team and football players and these championships are in the new Trabzonlular life, unfortunately Trabzonsporlu is one, but the others are not candidates, because why did Trabzonspor not become champions since they were born, we have so many young people, "she said.

Not only that Trabzonspor has no relation with the Trabzon limits, Turhan noted:

"Because we have Trabzon everywhere, we have Trabzon, Trabzon and Trabzon all over the world and I congratulate them all with their heart and soul … I wish you fight the sport ethic for all the others and try the Trabzonspor championship successfully to defend.

The chairman of the club, Ahmet Agaoglu, said they were very happy with the Minister Turhan and the accompanying figures.

Ağaoğlu wishes that Allah goes every day every day to the club and the team for the feast of the moon: "The responsibility for our task is to keep the mosque our holiday, he said.

Jose Sosa kisses the hand of Ahmet Agaoglu

Trabzonspor & # 39; s Argentine player Jose Sosa, president of Ahmet Agaoglu & nun; nun, pay tribute to the killing of the hand. President Agaoglu gave Sosa a holiday allowance of 5 lira.

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