Forest fire in Antalya under control – 1

  • Antalya Kumluca district Mavikent Mahallesi Karaöz location in the forest fire was spread by the effect of the wind. The fire was checked after an 8-hour study. There is cooling.

  • Fire Regional Directorate of Fire teams, 7 fire fighting helicopters and 4 amphibious aircraft with 50 arazöz, about 300 forest workers and 6 work machines are disturbing. Fire trucks and teams from the Kumluca municipalities and neighboring districts also support fire fighting efforts.

  • Due to the fact that the fire is effective in the region near the sea, airplanes and helicopters can often absorb water and leave it in the flames.

  • Because of the difficulty of accessing the exit of the fire, the teams work to show the way in the area of ​​red pines. AFAD teams started to work for reinforcement.

  • Gendarmerie teams that take security measures do not allow citizens to approach the fire zone.

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    The flames threaten houses and greenhouses on the site of Hozmun because of the deflection of the wind. The gendarmerie teams, which closed the entrance to the Hozmun, do not permit the passage of those except the civil servants.

  • Governor of the district Kumluca Hakki Uzun and mayor Yusuf Göven went to the region and received information about the work. The flames approached a few houses to the greenhouses and 100 meters to the houses. 3 fire-fighting helicopters and 2 amphibious aircraft intervene to prevent flames from damaging the houses and agricultural areas.

  • Doctors who are directed to the region also try to cut down the flames. Some houses in the region have been evacuated for preventive purposes. The residents of the neighborhood look anxiously at their extinguishing work. Some women who worried about the burning of their houses could not control their tears. Some inhabitants intervene in flames by spraying water with garden hoses.

  • Minister of Agriculture and Forests Bekir Pakdemirli told the NTV broadcast around 12.35 hours that some greenhouses were damaged and the fire was partially under control.

  • Minister Pakdemirli briefly used the following statements:

    & # 39; & # 39; We got the news that at 10.25 am fire broke out in the Adrasan district in the Kumluca district of Antalya and our teams intervened at 10.35 am. It started from the side of greenhouses and the wind blowing at 30 kilometers was actually a negative situation for us. Some of our greenhouses are damaged. Fire 4 aircraft 7 helicopters 50 interferes 6 dozer interferes. Under the control of the fire, our teams run the cooling and extinguishing activities under the management of the general management of forestry after complete control of the fire.

  • I hope we will talk about the fire in the afternoon. At this moment our goal is to get the fire under control as quickly as possible without detecting the damage caused by the fire. Then we will assess the damage. The state will do everything that is needed, and it will take every step towards cleaning up the wounds of the citizen. & # 39; & # 39;

  • Kumluca Mayor Yusuf Göven, at 14.00 in the NTV live broadcast found in the explanation. Göven stated that the intervention continued in the fire, viz. The fire was taken under control, but the wind constantly changed direction. The flames started again. Heavy smoke. We have a hard time talking. The greenhouses are damaged. Damaged in the houses near the forest, Orman said.

  • Emphasizing that the loss of human lives and injuries pleases the mayor of Kumluca, the evacuation of those found in homes in the region, he said.

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    Kumluca District Governor Long, said the fire is effective and can not give clear information about the area, said: "The sea side of the fire was controlled to some extent, but the direction of the wind shifted to the other side," said he.

  • Some greenhouses have been damaged by the Uzun fire alarm, after extinguishing the firefighters said they would detect damage by visiting the region.

  • "Fire is currently not threatening a settlement, we do not know the exact situation of the fire." Approaching some parts of the neighborhood Teams fight intensively to keep the fire under control, "he said.

  • Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli visited the fire zone. Minister Pakdemirli made a statement about the fire around 17.50 hours.

  • From the statements of Pakdemirli, the rules are as follows:

    & # 39; & # 39; The state is here with all institutions. An area of ​​about 70 hectares seems to have been affected. We said that about 100 hectares of greenhouses were affected, but if we look from above, the effect in the greenhouse areas seems minimal. A village house and a shed are damaged, but most of the damage is partially damaged. We can say that the fire is under control. From the night, when there is no rapid change in climatic conditions, the fire is under control. There are no victims or victims who have reached us now

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