Forest fire in Kastamonu Videosu

Mehmet Zeki Temur, deputy general manager of forestry, said: "We can say that the fire is under control in good condition without wind, without danger." The village of Kastamonu Tavşanlı village in the forest fire burned 20 decare area damaged.

Fire brigade, Fire brigade, 15th Regional Directorate DSI 23rd Region and Highways, 2 helicopters and teams from surrounding provinces and districts came under fire.

The fire, which was damaged by about 20 decare area, was taken under control.

Deputy General Manager of Forest Mehmet Zeki Temur, who came to the region because of the fire, told reporters that the fire broke out around 3:00 PM.

"We have two helicopters, 15 Arazos, 5 water tankers, 7 dozer neighbors and enough fire for them", said Temur, who said that the first intervention by the crew was done: "There is no wind and the humidity is in good condition and the fire is under control, there is no problem for the villagers, everyone is at home, he said.

"We are waiting for the helicopters to stay at night because of the possibility, and if there is a problem with the morning approaching, we will lift them again and intervene, but I think it will be much needed for everyone. " He said.

Derya Gulum of citizens, stating that in the fire magic 10 minutes, "fire brigades came and went, but they had no water to pick up." Kastamonu forests became Turkey's largest forests. "Flooding landslides also in opposing these forests." he said.

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