Former HDP representative has escaped to Greece

After the immunity of May 2016 on charges of propaganda for a terrorist organization & # 39; and arrested in court on November 4, 2016, HDP Sirnak, former deputy Leyla Alliance, was released on January 1, 2017, illegally sent to Greece was detected.


Former HDP Deputy Leyla Union, September 15 coup attempt after escaping the FETO & Ciggers embrace the Greek asylum seekers to prepare to be prepared for this, the Detroit Police Center, the HDP officials tried to reach the learned authorities.

Greece, Turkey & # 39; s unity and the friendly attitude Fetish & # 39; CU against terrorists trying to disrupt the political HDP & # 39; l then turned the direction of here. their ears to his attempts repeatedly to Turkey's extradition as the end of hampering the Greek judiciary involved in the attempted coup, granting asylum to 8 soldiers were encouraged adherents of terrorism.

"Membership in the PKK / KCK", "Making Propaganda of the Terrorist Organization" and "Making Propaganda for Terrorist Organizations" in the Chief Public Prosecutor of Leyla Birlik, Bingöl, Diyarbakir, Hakkari, Sırnak and Van Republic in the 25th and 26th legislature of the HDP as a representative of Şırnak was taken into custody together with 13 HDP deputies on 4 November 2016 in the context of the investigation into the crimes of "Acting on behalf of the terrorist organization". The Union was arrested during the trial in the Şırnak criminal court and released on 4 January 2017 with a ban on leaving the country. It turned out that the Union had escaped to Greece, where illegal ways to see terrorists consider salvation.


It was learned that the former deputy of HDP, Leyla Birlik, who was caught by the Greek police and detained at the Alexandroupolis police station and was sent from there to the return center, prepared for asylum. To deport communities in Greece and Turkey deportation to contact with hdp & # 39; li and learned that trying to ask for help.


Cumurbaşkanı to insult, incitement to hatred and hostility, insulting the Turkish government and the Republic of wrongful walking and the files of crimes such as participation in demonstrations found Leyla Union, relates to the PKK a terrorist photo taken of the shares in the social media accounts there are some shared who have made propaganda for the organization.

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