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The results of the exam for higher education institutions (YKS) were announced on 31 July. University candidates have chosen between 7-14 August. Then they started to wait until the results of the placement became known. Former chairman of the Center for Measurement, Selection and Placement (ÖSYM). Mahmut Özer stated that the results of the placement will be announced on 31 August.

After releasing the placement results, the registration marathon will start for all university and division colonists. Enrollment in higher education institutions takes place on 3-7 September. Electronic records are held between 3-5 September.

University candidates are on social media # and I would like to open the hashtag and publish the results as soon as possible. Recalling that the registration for higher education institutions will start on Monday 3 September, candidates complain that university and division colonists can not make the necessary preparations. Especially those who will follow university education outside the city will have problems.

Some comments from candidates trying to announce the voice of OSYM from social media are as follows:

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Kfk @ Kafkanin Krarai
The results will be announced on 31 August and the registration week will start on 3 September. Which other students will enroll at the university and who has to take a medical report? Your parents will go to the lap of the two-footed dad who comes in. Why do you hold on to compassion for people? # Tercihimiaçıkl to

Ilway @ ilaydadursunun
I have a week of university registration. Placement results are unclear. Whether you come from outside the city, set up your tickets and what are you waiting for? Thousands of students are waiting for you! # Tercihimiaçıkl to

Ay 🌛 @meliiiiay
We will study the university in another city, we will read more, we will see the place, we will find the residence, if the government does not go to the country, we will look at the paid houses and we will do a lot of shopping.

eray @ eraygok_
It's been 1 year since I've been in custody, I prefer #

İrem @irem_bicakci
We have chosen to stay another year, so we do not want to remove ourselves, you do not explain it, I have a bad experience #

JELINN @zeynepjelinztrk
Am I really afraid of getting annoyed from the start but have you actually gone mad? # Tercihimiaçıkl to

ahmet hope does not scare @mstrumt
Do you expect the choice to be announced? # Tercihimiaçıkl to

Shule @sulegkmn
I thought it would be announced at 31 and that I felt comfortable.

U U U R 👑 @ uguuursen10
I do not know if I'm reading a book.

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a @varmisbiriyok
I wonder which university, class and roommates have won me.

Taha (507HP V10) @ taha_sarikaya06
I'm waiting for the first time I go to school, which school is not sure # my preference

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