Genino-missing body found in irrigation canal

The Afghan nationality disappeared after a while after entering the irrigation canal in Adana. Yureğir district Ali Hocalı Mahallesi, the irrigation flaps of DSİ at the point where some of the body of the officers who saw the station stopped, the police, the fire department and reported to 112 ♥ ye.

The teams of the scene, with the help of citizens in the periphery of the water of youth. Rami Kebiri (18), who was found dead during the investigation, was missing yesterday on the irrigation canal.


After he had informed his family, Muhammet Kebiri, the father of Kebiri who had talked about talking about it, disappeared into tears when he saw the lifeless body of his son. Father Kebiri, who was the first to intervene by health officials in the region, was taken to the Adana City Hospital by ambulance. After the study was done, the body of Kebiri was transferred to the Adana Forensic Medicine Institute. Sign up Turkey in a month ago became known that the family dig.

The incident came yesterday, the family went to the Afghan national roaming Kebiri went swimming because the channel was lost in the eye.

(AA / URI)

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