Global Turks will give direction to the commercial

In foreign trade, Turkish companies that have worldwide success will give direction. The "Innovative trading platform", created with the cooperation of Turkish managers from companies such as, Delphisonic, Turkven, Talewords, Raiffeisen, will now be presented every month to come up with concrete proposals.

Minister of Commerce, Ruhsar Pekcan, said that the first goal of the program, which includes successful young people from universities, are innovative areas that will reduce the current deficit.

President Pekcan has an & # 39; innovative trading platform & # 39; created that consists of leading actors in the field with a global success story. The first meeting of the platform, attended by the representatives of senior executives, entrepreneurs, economists and academics, was held in the Ministry of Commerce under the chairmanship of Pekcan.

Pekcan said that in this context they are building the platform, stating that they want to formulate a new vision for the development of export and e-commerce with high added value, goods and services.

Pekcan: "We want to create a new vision by using the ideas of leading actors, to overcome the problems of those who want to export and to create a new ecosystem.In this context, innovative areas that reduce the current deficit are a top priority for US. "

Technology greenhouses

Pekcan emphasizes that entrepreneurs who want to achieve a success story in export want to establish "technological greenhouses" for an ecosystem so that they can realize their dreams. "It is important for this platform to create technological transformations that change our country from middle income levels to high income levels in our own country and in our own climate."


"We can take advantage of the free zones for the ecosystem created by our decisions," said Pekcan, who reminded President Tayyip Erdogan that he would set up specialized free zones as part of a 100-day action plan. Knowing that the Innovative Trading Platform meets regularly every month, Pekcan stated that the conclusions will be policy proposals that will result in concrete projects. Pekcan stated that different working groups will be created on the platform and said: "There will be no permanent participation, platforma, a place to contribute to us, a new idea.In this regard, our young people who are successful at universities can program, "he said.

Important names included

During the first meeting of the Innovative Trading Platform, professor New Jersey Institute of Technology. Dr. Ali Naci Akansu, CEO Nevzat Aydin, Delphisonic Founder and Director Gökhan Celebi, Sky Venture Capital Director Göktekin Dinçerler, Turkey Game Developers Chairman and TaleWorlds Entertainment Association Entertainment General Manager Ali Ergun, Director General of Raiffeisen Investment Gokce Kabatepe and Target Fleet Founder and Manager Ersan Öztürk joined.

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