Great shock in the middle of the street! We are very shouting but they are not … & # 39;

While those moments were mirrored for seconds in security cameras, the kidnappers were soon caught by police teams. The incident took place yesterday morning in the Denizköşkler district.

According to the information obtained, 7 people came to the house of the person to whom they were credited. The one who came out of his house wanted to be kidnapped. For a long time he ran to the horseman to get to the ground and attacked them. Later they brought the man to Silivri by car.


The residents of the district witnessed the situation in the police teams. Police teams on the scene began to study the images of security cameras in the area and arrested the abductees. A person who saw the incident said: "We are shouting a lot, but there are none." I heard 100 billion words. While the hijacking incident was reflected in a workstation's safety camera seconds per second, the people involved in the abduction were caught by the heads of Avcılar Public Security Bureau. The research is under way.

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