Gruesome texts for news from Istanbul! Let cats run …

The residents of the neighborhood stood up when they gathered a woman's street cats with a duck and brought her to her vehicle. Interrupted in the event and & # 39; What do you do with cats ?, he asks the woman Donor, doner, sale to Syrians … I will give you an account … & # 39 ; was shocked.

In Istanbul, a woman collected her alley cats and tried to take her to an unknown destination. Local residents who saw how the woman collected cats with the net reacted to the situation.

According to the alleged perpetrators, the women who collected cats and dragged them to another place tortured animals. According to the news in Show Haberler, who noticed that the event asked the woman where the cats were going.

"I will sell to the Syrians"

I'm going to give you an account. I sell DONER and sell it to Syrians. & # 39; The woman who carried the cats to her vehicle began to offend the people in the neighborhood.


Women who asked for the identity of the municipality and said that the woman then claimed to be an English teacher. It was also claimed that she injected an unknown substance into cats.


The discussion between the neighbors and the mysterious woman was recorded by a citizen with a mobile phone camera. All news in the Local news section of Anadolu Agency,
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