Güngör lost our teacher – Haberler Last Minute

The veteran name of the Turkish press, Gungor Uras, said goodbye to the American hospital, where he was treated with a medicine. Uras, 85 years old, took his last breath in the articles in the column in Milliyet Newspaper.


Tevfik Gungor Uras, born on 22 July 1933, brought his elementary and secondary education to Ankara in TED Yenişehir College. Uras; In 1955 he graduated from the faculty of political science at the University of Ankara (Mülkiye). In 1988 he obtained his associate degree at Boğaziçi University.

Uras started his career as General Manager of Halkbank and later worked as a Specialist in Economic Planning Department in the Prime Ministry State Planning Organization.


Between 1974 and 1980 he was the first Secretary-General of the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD). Gungor Uras, who was the president of the board of Aksigorta, worked as a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics of Istanbul University until 1993 and until 2001 was a lecturer at the Marmara University Faculty of Communication.

began to write in 1968

1968 from Turkey Association of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB), Turkey gave a columnist in the Economic Journal began Uras, respectively report Translator Sun, & # 39; New Century, and was a columnist for the Milliyet newspaper in the world.


Güngör Uras, since 1980, works together with Prof. dr. Dr. T. Güngör Uras, T. Güngör Uras, Gungor Uras, Tevfik Güngör and Ali Rıza Kardüz wrote almost 20,000 articles.

Uras, who led the economy and business with his reports, reviews and books, had many awards. economic reports Uras dozens as well as book about 30. [19659004] who permanently press card Uras, Turkey Journalists Association Sedat Simavi Award, Nezihe Demirkent Award and became the owner Burhan Felek Memorial Plaque. [19659004] is married to Nur Uras


Güngör Uras was an economist who shared his knowledge and experience with the public for years. Uras, who created the most advanced economic subjects at the level of citizen understanding, emerged as a writer followed by Ayşe Hanım Teyze and Ali Rıza Bey Uncle type and economic readers. The main feature was that the reader who read it did not express the economic issues with the examples that made it easy to understand them. The story of Aunt Aunt & # 39; came thanks to Uras in the literature about the Turkish economy. Anyone aged 7 to 70 could easily understand the economy of Ayşe Hanim aunt.

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