Hakkovan was invaded by martyrdom in Yüksekova – Hakkari News

In Yüksekova the martyr came to his birthplace

HAKKARI – Hakkari & # 39; s district Yüksekova Büyükciftlik District Evliya Tepe & # 39; the ditch EYP & nb; nin exploded remotely by the explosion of a 39-year-old gendarmerie special sergeant Sergeant Serkan Dökmeci ceremony was held.

The martyr Gendarmerie Special Sergeant Serkan Dökmeci, who was brought to the Seljaddin Eyyubi Airport in Yüksekova, was in a respectful position. He was praying after the Quranic recitation. Serkan Dökmeci coffin was placed on a plane of the Turkish Air Force on the shoulders of soldiers and accompanied by monsters and sent to Ankara to be sent to his country.

The governor of the Hakkari Hakkari governor Çüneyt Orhan Toprak 3rd infantry division Commander-in-Chief General Metin Tokel, relatives of martyrs and soldiers join the police.

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