He jumped off the 42nd floor of the business center, severely damaged by Falling on the Roof

The youngster reportedly jumped from the terrace of the restaurant on the last floor of a 42-storey business center in Konya, and was seriously injured by falling on the roof of the adjacent shopping mall.


The event took place at 12.00 in the central Selcuklu district of Feritpaşa District Tower Street, located in the 42-storey business center. Reportedly, on the last floor of the restaurant in the business center, the terrace area of ​​the name not yet identified, a young man in his twenties, he was left behind, he dropped.


The jumping teenager fell on the roof of the dining room next to the business center. Citizens at the address of health, police and fire brigade were referred to the address. Seriously wounded boy, with the help of firefighters from the place where the collapse of the ceiling in the ceiling was broken by connecting the rope. Young, stretched to the ambulance to move to Konya Training and Research Hospital. The research continues.

Images of the scene;

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