He shot Trabzon in the morning and he came from meteorology

the center and the provinces of the province of Akaabat-Dzky that are effective in the province of Alsancak in the middle of the landslide came on the spot.

Soil puddles and rocky roads that run from the yarn to the roads lead us to the road. The teams from highways, municipalities and related institutions have started to receive their orders. The entrance to the base buildings and the ground floor are also filled with water. The teams try to get started to evacuate the water that flows into the buildings.


The Dzky-Akaabaat motorway, which caused the floods and landslides that were effective in the morning hours in the city, got the return of motorists and road crews who had been shipped to the west coast.


Akaabat in the province of influence, or in the city of Derecik floods and Taknlara Road. Either the flood waters that flow from the plasters of the end area, flood the Deregik Anatolian High School in the neighborhood. The garden of the school was filled with water, the documents in the meeting room at the school and many other spots were under water. The lock, which was closed by the school, could not be received due to water accumulation. The Blgeye teams were able to drain the water from the school by cutting off the machine.

Orhan Kuvvet, the family minister of the school, suddenly said: "It was good in the morning, but after 90 years we could not find it in the summer, but we did not completely drain our school in the outbuilding, but the school was full with water, there was no one at school at the time, "he said.

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He said that the deposits of the deposits in Ytre could be found on karmic meters, with the words: "In the morning we are in the beginning and in the middle of the morning we have the water at the top of the water.

In the province that is covered by flood waters, the flood waters are covered with travertine water and the cleaning machines and cleaning services of the municipality of Trabzon Bykehir are started.


Trabzon Bykhir Municipality of Orhan Fevzi Gmrkolu, found in floods and landslides in the city. Trabzon & # 39; Inexpress serious exposure to the sun on the ground express the Gmrkolu, & # 39; & # 39; no loss of life has happened. The provinces of Akaabat, Yomra, Arsin and Srmene are the worst affected provinces. We have water in our basic neighborhoods and landslides. Our teams have intervened everywhere. All covered roads are intervened and the necessary purchases are made quickly. Necessary measures are taken, "" he said.


In the Derecik neighborhood the floors and cellars of the basic houses were flooded. Citizens have started clearing their homes with their own facilities.

Turan, who flooded his house, told me that he had not seen an incident for 60 years while cleaning. Turan said, "You are the water from the wall, we started from the water there, but before that it was a flood, but it did not have much effect in this area." People have become a bit, Kesti,

Blent Turan, who flooded his house, said: "There is no mud on the road, so we are profitable with this situation.

Orhan Turan said: "It is not a stadium because it is not a substructure, it is a big problem, our houses have been destroyed, our houses have been destroyed, the biggest problem of the Black Sea is a flood in every storm.


It is expected that the estimates of the General Directorate of Meteorology will be strong (35-65 kilograms / square meter) in the parts of Trabzon & # 39; s dou province, Rize and Artvin ky until the hours of the afternoon, which are still the corridor is in the Black Sea.

Sudden floods, floods, landslides, flooding and full risk, and serious injuries such as strong winds, were warned and cautious.

It was mentioned that there may be glitches in the meaning.

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