Her heart was burned! He is now a cop!

Muğla & # 39; s Seydikemer in the province of his car behind the car dragged the end of the wounded dog, after the treatment of the municipal police of Fethiye came out

The dog that was treated in the Fethiye Municipal Animal Care Center where he was injured was called "Leo".

Her heart was shaken when she is now with the police

The "lion", dressed in a special uniform and assigned to the tourist memorabilia unit of the municipality, runs between 20.00 and 24.00 on the track to prevent him from being affected by the heat. Aslan wanders on the beach strangers show great interest.

Of the citizens who walk on the beach, Şerife Varsoflek said that they see the violence in the media as a dog and that Aslan really enjoys healing in a short time.

Her heart was shaken when she is now with the police

Because he says people torture animals and harm the collective, Varfoyceh said: "I also congratulate the Fethiye municipality for keeping people, nature, animals and I hope our people will be more sensitive." he said.

Eda Varsoflek, who regarded the dog as a villain, wanted to punish those who tortured animals in the most serious way.

Mustafa Eren, who said that animals should not be tortured, said: "We must disable them, it is good for the congregation to take possession, I hope that a consciousness will be created." she said.

Her heart was shaken when she is now with the police

Seydikemer in the province of Muğla on July 26 Fethiye-Antalya highway In the Bekçiler Quarter Ramazan D & # 39; s photo of the moment he dragged his dog behind the car had a reaction to the social media and Ramazan D. was placed under arrest under a judicial control. The injured dog was taken care of in the animal care center Fethiye.

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