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The headquarters of the AK party were Jülide Sarıeroğlu, vice-chairman of Turkey's Grand National Assembly and Orhan Yegin, Ankara Orhan Yegin deputy, MKYK member Şerife Polat of the head office and Alperen Bozdağ, head of the youth affairs department of the Headquarters.

The AK party first CHP Vice-President Bulent Kuşoğlu, Ankara Deputy member and member Ali Haydar Hakverdi, head of the department of women Fatma Köse & # 39; the CHP delegation came out.


Kuşoğlu celebrates the feast of everyone and the 6th Ordinary Grand Congress of the AK Party wants to be a good one, "Bayramlar is our tradition after Ramadan, Ramadan is surrendering to Allah, building good relations with the people, improving relationships and making peace with the festivities, we have to deal with this and as politicians we have to accomplish it, she said.

AK party vice-president Jülide Sarıeroğlu also found that the sacrifice feast is good for the holy nation and the entire Islamic world.

Sarırğlulu, which expresses that the unity of the feasts, the unity of the feasts, the relations of the brotherhood are strengthened, the sharing, the helping and the support are felt stronger in the whole Islamic geography, is the most important spiritual days.He wishes that the blessing of Allah transcends the entire nation in this process.

Sarıeroğlu celebrated the feast of martyrs, martyrs and veterans. Grace from Allah, martyrs, the voices urgent healing desires.

Recalling the first president of Bosnia and Herzegovina Aliya Izzetbegovic: "Large countries will have great exams," said Sarıeroglu, "We are a country that has successfully passed major exams since the past, and I wish the spirit of unity and co -integration We have spent the week with our economic initiatives and we have shown the whole world that we can come from the top of everything with unity and cooperation as the Turkish nation, "he said.

Sarıeroğlu, who recalled that the AK Party had successfully completed the congress processes in the women's arms, youth sections and the 6th Ordinary Grand Congress on 18 August, announced that they are beginning preparations for the upcoming local elections in which a new MKYK MYK is.

SARIEROĞLU, "Dynamic, exciting, the first day enjoying the AK party as big as family, we continue our way stronger towards Turkey." I hope that this process politically there will be a new process in which the presidential system of the government is dominated by reputable mutual is more tolerance I believe are. " expressions used.


After the CHP, vice-presidents Deniz Depboylu and Fatih Çetinkaya and MYK member Muhammet Koçak & # 39; s MHP delegation visited the headquarters of the AK party.

Sarıeroğlu said that during the visit, sharing the holiday, friendship, friendship and brotherhood was strengthened, Sarıeroğlu said: "We have great difficulty staying with them every day, especially with the work done during the reign of our martyrs. he.

Sarıeroğlu was in favor of accepting the pilgrims' pilgrimage in the holy land.

Sarıeroğlu stated that they had a major success on 24 June as the presidential alliance,

"Over the last few weeks, our country has been exposed to major threats and attacks and we have shown that no one would ever allow anyone to harm this nation with our nationality, nationality and national love, even if we took the major exams in the past. We were also very active in the process of evaluating the elections of June 24 by realizing the big congress as a family of the AK party and we are in a very active process., we will prepare us for local elections, together with the dynamism that the renovation process has given us, and all our work is in this direction. "

Emphasizing that they will continue to serve the nation, Sarıeroğlu emphasized that "we will continue our good work in the coming period to work harder, produce more, create more jobs, invest more and be the assistant of all of us Increasing our national well-being and peace and strengthening our unity and unity Our goals and dreams are amazing and we are enthusiastic and our minds remain very dynamic and I believe that we will continue to work shoulder to shoulder to bring our country to beauty . " she said.

Sarıeroğlu was originally Adanalı and recalled that in this period he was elected Adana deputy, who served guest delegates with water jugs, mandarins and rapeseed juices.


The AK party delegation, consisting of Konya MP Orhan Erdem, MKYK member Elif Rabia Gürbüz and Youth Secretary-General Esme Özbağ, visited the CHP as part of the political party-to-party fleet program.

The CHP delegation was chaired by General Secretary Akif Hamzaçebi, members of the party meeting (PM), Gamze Pamuk Ateşli and Bülent Ecevit Tatlıdil.

Hamzaçebi, who wanted to strengthen the feelings of unity at the party, celebrated the feast of the sacrifice of the entire Islamic world.

Hamzaçebi, who received information about the sale of each festive offer, said that the festival saw an increase in the sale of cattle instead of cattle.

Hamzaçebi said: "Every year I have a salesman named Osman in Trabzon Tonya, who learns by asking him" What is the truth? "Osman said:" In the past a cow looked at 10 people, now 10 people look at a cow. "He said Orhan Erdem made" Osman a bit exaggerated "evaluation.

Turkey is now a new system and now underlines that there will be a proposal for a law of Parliament to the Hamzah government, "The Parliament will no longer adopt the proposal of the deputies, and the Parliament must strengthen this power much more. is, of course, political groups, but it will give legislators outside, presidency party discipline is weak and the legislative body is much stronger for that reason, but party discipline is very strong in those countries that still have the habits of the parliamentary system like us so it is the biggest obstacle for the legislative body to establish an independent identity against the executive power, so there is a duty for all of us, "she said.

Orhan Erdem stated that they are striving to form a stronger parliament with the presidential government system and said: "We are already out of our way, strong execution and strong control, I hope that we will all be together and work to make it better." he said.

As the AK Party said Erdem that the whole Islamic world celebrates the sacrificial feast and he wanted citizens to comply with the laws for return traffic.


The DSP delegation led by DSP Deputy President Dilara Tambova visited the CHP during a holiday visit.

During the visit of the DSP delegation, live environmental disasters, in particular the fires in Greece, were discussed. Hamzaçebi pointed out that all mankind is a common value and must be protected together. Hamzah a successful implementation of environmental policy does not support, "Turkey failed in this regard. There is a non-governmental concern for the environment." she said.

The delegation of the Vatan party under the chairmanship of the vice-president Ercan Enç visited the CHP and flew.


The delegation led by the AK party Ankara deputy Nevzat Ceylan visited the MHP on the occasion of parliamentary festivities between political parties.

AK party delegation, deputy chairman Mevlüt Karakaya, general manager of the women's offices and deputy Nevin Taşlıçay in Ankara and head of the board Necmi Yıldırım met.

Nevzat Ceylan, speaking in his visit, recalled the coup of September 12, 1980: "Darbalar struck Turkish politics a great deal," he said.

Ceylan stated that the normalization of Turkey leaves a lot, people from politics, said that removed from the midfield. Ceylan said: "At that time people were afraid to go by, as if the parties were pseudo-organizations," he said.

Referring to the treacherous coup attempt on July 15, Ceylan said:

"We are going through an important process We moved to a new system In this system, I hope that a lot faster decisions will be opened in front of the country Turkey's success not only saves Turkey All the oppressed countries of the Turkish world of hope for Turkey, we believe that when Turkey deserves. "


Karakaya also underlined the fact that July 15 was overthrown by national virtue and said that people went out into the streets without knowing who was behind this initiative. Karakaya said: "The nation is no longer aware of the fact that such a coup is not our own, but of the Turkish nation, with an external focus and a direct goal." He said.

Mevlüt Karakaya, referring to economic developments, said:

"We thought that this kind of collapse was absent, we do not have a coup with planes, weapons, tanks, it will not happen anymore, it's like it's going to be a different kind of hit." . all components on July 15th of this. We have seen the most serious. Now established on the basis of a priest … a crime in Turkey the Turkish law, Turkey unity, has involved in activities that the provisions are kept mean, that's for sure. But the man they do this in the context of administrative guise, although Turkey tries to run the lead as if they were on purpose. a following economic sanctions, raising customs duties, manipulations on the dollar. this period must be much more alert, much more common, and a period in which the various dangers are. "


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