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Citizens who wish to become homeowners are oddly looking for TOK projects, application forms and application dates. If you are a candidate to be hosted by 35 countries, you will find TOK application forms, TOK application history and TOK projects to find out which projects … details …

The Housing Development Administration (TOK) provided housing for 35 citizens with a low income and a middle income. In total, 5 thousand 543 homes were found until the end of this year. The price of these houses is 80 thousand and the monthly installments are 285 lira. TOK minister Ergun Turan stated that Arlkl motivations make homeowners who can not be homeowners, 95 percent of homes built in the last 3.5 years and social housing built for lower and middle-income groups.

Turan, who stated that in the 35 provinces of Turkey, he offered to sell 5,543 homes through sales, said that the prices of the houses with different values ​​for the projects were estimated at 80 thousand TL. Turan, who stated that the residents' home is illegal and compliant, said that citizens could have residences by reporting to the banks concerned until the end of the year. Turan emphasizes that Turkey is part of a narrow and medium income group of citizens living in social housing and living. "To meet the needs of the people, which is the most basic condition of our lives, we put new places in our country and we dream of many housing projects.Our social housing projects are based on citizens with a small and medium income and we have served our citizens for many years to serve our citizens with a narrow and medium income, who must be homeowners in market conditions.

Turan emphasized that citizens who will apply for TOC's residence should not be residents of the residence, Turan said: "Our most important citizens can no longer be resident as long as they do not buy housing permits and home loans. The houses in our houses are sold with 10, 20 and 25 peine prices and 120 and 240 months maturity options. "Turan, who stated that resale prices, terms and conditions of application are on the TOK web page, emphasized that these conditions are generally seen in vacancies and that these requirements may vary from project to project.


TCE. Identity copy,
a "certificate of fitness" is required from the members of the family, the war and the duty and widows and orphans.
Copies of the ID card issued by the General Directorate of disabled people and welfare services of the disability, or a written report from a state hospital with a disability of at least 40% are required.
Old-age pension requires a pension document.


The housing project of TOK is the desired property for the applicant to become the owner of a home.

To buy a house from TOK

Use a home loan

18 side filling

For housing there are 10, 20 and 25 peer-to-mat and 120 and 240 months maturity options.

Selling prices of homes, installments and details of the application will be placed on TOK's website.

To stay in the TOC project for at least 1 year.

It is not possible for the person who does the work, the home or the children to be a registered country title registered in the field, a ba, bahe, a house and a workshop

The monthly income of households must amount to a maximum of 4,500 TL net.


Projects with a sub-income group are entitled and the signatories will not be able to transfer the housing until the end of the loan period.

In addition, the home of the recipient or relative will be searched until the loan is completed for the house for which the contract has been signed and the repatriation will be terminated if the foreign national, his or her children or their children are found not to reside in the dwelling .

In case of dismissal, the rights of inhabitants of the residents will be canceled. If the contract is signed, the contracts are terminated and the required amount is booked as income and the installments are refunded without any interest after the costs have been collected.

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