Hundreds of inscriptions were found

An archaeologist who started his studies in 2012 with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with the aim of identifying, recording and publishing stones from antiquity on a daily basis in books and articles, a team of 8 people consisting of historians and old scholars visited the north and south of Bilecik, day gets different information.

The team that records the inscriptions they have achieved with surface surveys and writes about it with 2000 years of history reveals some of the old names of some villagers.

Marmara University Faculty of Science and Letters History Department of Physician Instructor Hüseyin Sami Öztürk, AA correspondent, explained that Sakarya first went to search for stones in Tarakli, Geyve and Pamukova districts with permission from the Ministry.

Öztürk stated that they had learned that the stones were on the Bilecik side during the studies there and were on the way to this area and they said that since 2012 they have scanned the north and south regions of Bilecik.

Ozturk emphasized the work of Osmanli and Gölpazarı since 2015 and said: "The work we do is identify, record and publish the registered stones from the ancient period as books and articles, and protect them, he said.

In 2016, with the support of the Bilecik Archaeological Museum, Ozturk said they moved to move the registered stones in the region to the district center and declared that they first started in the Ottoman province.


Ozturk, the history of antiquity M. Ö. From the 1st century AD. Pointing to the fact that they tried to post their history until the 4th century, they continued as follows:

"Because we are now in the region, people have to deal with agriculture, we have learned a lot of vows and tombstones, we have met Roman cemeteries, we have lived in the region, we have learned this, we have the names of the new villages heard, many villages have got to know the name in ancient times, Balçıkhisar village, we found that the name of the oldest name of the villages Dakapene in the writing of the mood came out.

Ozturk said that they would write the inscription from the 80s in Osmaneli as a single book by the end of this year: "We will shed some light on the history of the region about 2,000 years ago." He said.

Ozturk noted that in the past 550 inscriptions have been noted in the region where they work: "We go to the village, we go to the village and we give information to the local authorities while we are at work. not possible, "she said.


Referring to the old cemetery of the village he visited in the province of Gölpazarı in 2013, Öztürk noted that:

"The interesting thing is that the treasure hunters do incredible excavations and write them in the reports, but the only difference between the treasure hunters is that they do not break the stones at all … They place the stones they have removed from the treasure with care and they read the inscriptions because they did not hurt, We have read 15 cemeteries cemeteries and we have also received a lot of new information. "

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