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The organized crime-fighting department of Istanbul last year took 6 months of technical and physical follow-up, the Bağcılar İSTOÇ Oto Center, which was in the stands and gave them a gallery layout. Bağcılar, Başakşehir, Küçükçekmece, Bayrampaşa districts and Batman & # 39; da 17 adrese last year, 13 January & # 39; da operations were held. Bendeleider İsmail Keklik and two organization managers Rahmi Arıkan and Mehmet Akif Nazlı, as well as two policemen and two suspects were arrested.

According to news from Osman Asiltür of the Sabah newspaper, the Bakırköy organized criminal investigation bureau filed a lawsuit on 29 June last year in the 14th Supreme Court of Bakırköy, about 29 suspects. Despite the 9th trial since that day, the court continues to accept the expression of newly emerging victims. The number of victims of the broker network is not exactly known. More than a thousand 889 years in prison for the leader and two managers of the & # 39; Mortgage Gang & # 39 ;, who challenge their rights, demand different penalties for other network members at different rates.


The number of victims who testified at the last hearing of the case reached 96. Here are what the victims say:

Aydin Pazcik: I needed a cash payday, I found a newspaper report and called. On the top floor of the store, İsmet Keklik said that he could give me 20 thousand lira's with a term of 48 months and 48 thousand lira's with a monthly repayment of a thousand lira's. I signed 48 senedi. Because I could not get the money, 412 thousand pounds came into play.

Victim Sibel Nalan: I needed 6000 lira. I went to the bank where the weapon started and 2 unordered empty sketches were signed. I did not give you money or anything, I did not get any bills. I filed a complaint in Istanbul about two lease contracts from İcra.


The public prosecutor's office described in detail the activities of the gang on the 193 page counts: the network first announces that journalists will be given cash at the moment of payment of real estate mortgages. Especially the black list of citizens who enter the bank can not attract credit and money is focused on the money. The network invites those who reach them to Bağcılar İSTOÇ Auto and Trade Center, where luxury vehicles are at the door for striking, especially close to the end of working hours. He says to the person: "Let's go to the bill, pledge your real estate and get the money you want." Moreover, the requested debt is 2-3 times the amount of money and the invoice is signed and the citizen is sent without giving the desired money to the various accounts. The victims, who understand that they are being misled, are threatened with death when they want to return the property.

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