İMO: Corlu caused a & # 39; serial brake & # 39; in a train accident

Mehmet YIRUN / TEKİRDAĞ, (DHA) – TMMOB's Civil Engineering Department presented the research and evaluation report on the train accident, in which 25 people died and 340 people were injured near the Çorlu district in Tekirdağ. Raporda said: "The diver on the front is not directly hit by the train coming out of the raid, causing serious braking if it passes here, which seriously inhibits the train, and the train is evaluated as a result of the fact that the train is turned. "
An evaluation and evaluation report prepared by the Chamber of Civil Engineers (IMO) about the tragedy of 25 people and injured by 340 people in Corlu on 8 July 2018 was published. Cemal Gökçe, president of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, reported that the region had received rain before the accident, stressing that the railroad had passed agricultural land and that groundhandling capacity was weak in places where farmland passes. The photos taken during the research show that the ballast and subballast layers have lost their function due to inadequacy or even disappeared in the natural soil: "Technically this is called ballast swallowing." The construction of the railway did not take into account information about collapse, collapse and slipping and discharging. We also want to know that the necessary maintenance and inspections have not been carried out in view of the rain and that this accident must not only be linked to the latest rains, it is not guilty rain.
Raporda stated that the winning passenger train in Çorlu was full of robbery and said:
"Heavy rain in the short term in the days prior to joining the region should have been an important sign to tighten up road and infrastructure monitoring, but it seems that this has not been adequately assessed. not directly affected by the train leaving the railway and causing severe braking when the train is traveling through it, if the train can not brake normally or can brake normally, it is possible that it will continue without getting out of the way. In special cases, the serial brake was used to stop the train at a short distance, is one of the braking functions of the train If it is not advisable to use safety in curved parts (turning), there is no problem when applying on the right parts of the road e can cause various geometrical distortions, such as serial braking applied to rail lines that are not as good as the superstructure, and sprains on the top old. In the case of Çorlu, it is evaluated that the train is running because the serial brake applied causes the rail to jam. It was observed at the place where the diver's recovery and the post-diver line were not made according to the technique. Under these circumstances, it is inevitable that similar events take place in the same place. "
"The fact that the train has retained its support on the grille seems to have disturbed the stability of the train in the vertical direction, but does not lead to a lateral stability disturbance which should push the train out of the way … The stability of the train Lateral stability must have occurred on the line after the diver The fact that the overflow and ballast layer was emptied on the top of the grille has had a direct but indirect effect on the way out of the train, because the retraction of the grille is a serious it is clear that rainfall is significantly effective at dolgun removal .It is the day of the event in the region and the heavy rainfall Immediately after shooting leave the photo & # 39 ; s see that there is no structural problem in the grid itself There is no dent in the grid and it is clear that there is no obstacle assure water blocking in the grill. In the past days and on the day of the event, heavy rainfall in the area could have reduced the capacity by saturating the soil on the grill. The fact that the dead-end road has escaped has not directly led to the train having left the robbery. The sudden downward and upward vibrations that were experienced during the locomotives of the passenger train caused the trainers to seriously brake as an emergency measure. Emergency or serial brake is a kind of brake applied to stop at close range. It is OK to apply this brake in the right (top) section. However, there are compelling effects in the longitudinal direction (in the direction of train movements) on the road frame made of traverses and rails of vehicle wheels that create emergency brakes. These effects occur in different forms, depending on the maintenance conditions of the superstructure. "
The Chamber of Civil Engineers of TMMOB was examined on the railway that was opened after repair. "During the investigation on 14 July, the creek bed that brought water to the bay was cleaned and a creek bed was enlarged." The filling surface of the restored railway line, which is not suitable for the measurements, seems to be mixed with the ballast material floor laid on the restored railway line. it is impossible for the ballast layer to function as it should ".
Raporda, raporda, where the authorities have forgotten the essence of every issue after the disaster and have decided to decide on the basis of the result,
"The reason for the disasters that occur after each disaster is not the cause, but the consequences of the disasters are not taken into account because the railway runs through the agricultural land, which is technically assumed to be ballasted. a serious negligence If the railway is constructed, the information on collapse, collapse and slipping and unloading is left out of consideration and we want to know that the operation has not been completed and that this water heater must not only be connected to the latest rains He is also not guilty of rain, we think that due to the influence of the moving load of the odomotive and the car behind it, the railway construction is overthrown in other train wagons as a result of permanent deformation, that is to say, collapses and the rear wheels lose track-band contact and we want to underestimate the painful consequences of the abolition of the signature engineers of building permits, which we will be in the future, want to reappoint. It was observed at the place where the diver's recovery and the post-diver line were not made according to the technique. Under these circumstances, it is inevitable that similar events take place in the same place. "

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