In Konya, the vehicle that got out of hand fell on the mother and the son who sold flowers!

Accident, the center of the district Karatay in the district of Great Sinan Fetih Caddesi Air Lojmanları Arrived at the intersection. According to the information obtained, Ali G., HA 592 FO car with strange plates, while driving from the direction of the courthouse to the Air Lojman crossing, lost control of the steering wheel and after being beaten out of the hiding place, he became thrown away and his son Sametcan Gökçe, who sold flowers on the road.


While the love of Gökçe remained under the car, his son was thrown into the road by the violence of the sensation. The police and the ambulance were referred to the scene when the correspondents were informed. Under the control of health officials under the vehicle, Sevgi Gökçe & # 39; s lost his life with determination.


Wounded in the injured hospital Sametcan Gökçe injured in the accident Ali G. and Ayşe G. ambulance in the center of the hospital was removed by treatment It was learned that there was no life threat for the wounded

After the accident family members of Sevgi Gökçe came to the scene and suffered a nervous breakdown

Her husband and relatives who were wrapped in the body of a young woman, tears for a long time. his husband of a hot husband: "Love is a sacrifice. Love wakes up, I'm ready, "he exclaimed, his heart crying After the on-site examinations of the young woman's funeral, the mortuary at Selcuk University Medical Faculty Hospital was removed for autopsy. started (UAV)

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