Ince to AKP media: lack of reason

Muharrem İnce, the CHP candidate for the presidential election on 24 June, predicted that the election campaign would push up the dollar & # 39; plotComments that link to, "Lack of reason" he said.

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The election campaign of June 24th in the speech of Erdogan's election in the case of the dollar was estimated at 8-10 pounds. The dollar has exceeded 7 lira last week, & # 39; Economic war & # 39;a connection. Slim & # 39; s pro-AKP media that after this trading of power where he started this information and questions that might be in the conspiracy against Turkey.

Muharrem Thin comments about this direction "Unfortunately, the lack of reason only prisoner has not only captured power, but also his followers" he responded.

In the statement on the thin topic he said: "The intellect can not perceive the power and the followers who fail in the facts, while everyone who has ideas and observes the most fundamental rules of economic science, can predict the outcome by looking at the existing practices of power. a rational and realistic policy to get out of this situation in which they have integrated the country's economy, but nonetheless those who do not take the necessary precautions and expect the markets to improve by spreading manipulative news using the press, unfortunately make the country ultimately dependent on the IMF. "

Muharrem İnce, Erdoğan & # 39; istirham & # 39 ;: Your father-in-law

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