Kanggada Guns in the Automomile Boom: 1 Injured

One man was seriously injured in an armed fight between the people in Ankara who were parked in a car in Ankara.

The event took place in the middle of the night in the Altındağ district. According to the information received, the two people who came on the 06 EJ 875-ribbed car Ziraat Mahallesi Hızır Reis Caddesi started talking about something in the parked car. Later a woman who came to the car left the place by calling a taxi after she had talked to the people for a short time.

After the woman had left, G.K. and there was a debate between the other person. The person, who has not yet been identified, has embraced his weapon in an increasingly flagrant argument. The attacker, who fired his weapon behind the car in the car, injured G.K. In the car desperately G. K. The attacker continued to shoot while on the street. Approximately 30 meters from the car, G.K. it collapsed with the impact of the bullets that hit the body. The panicky attacker left the scene on foot.

He saw the local, lying G.K. who was amazed at what he was going through with the sound of weapons that divided his silence in the past, and he reported the incident to the places involved. The crew of 112 emergency services, who arrived shortly after the incident, discovered that the first person was seriously injured. G.K., apparently suffering from extreme blood loss. he was referred to the Dışkapı Yıldırım Beyazıt Education and Research Hospital by ambulance. It was learned that the situation of the person was critical.

Police teams that were shipped to the scene closed the vehicle by pulling strips around to protect the evidence. Knowledge of the local residents, the team discovered the escape route of the armed attacker. It was learned that the fugitive suspect was caught with his pistol at the end of the police squad in Pursaklar.

When cleaning the street, the municipal staff said that they saw the people in the car, that two people talked quietly, after a while they heard gunshots behind the car.

"After the woman left the vehicle, the gun sounds came"

At 1 a.m. a woman who spoke to the car on the street said that she had heard gunshots after they had left the taxi with a taxi, and said that the person sitting on the right front seat was running away after 3-4 hands.

The street where the incident took place was closed for police vehicles and pedestrians. Later, the investigation teams at the incident site on site worked on the evidence in the area. A large number of empty hives and patterns were found in the vehicle and on the road. There are ongoing reviews about the incident. – ANKARA

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