Karasu & # 39; da 4 thousand 500 people recorded in 6 days … reason arose

During the Sacrifice Holiday in Karasu, the Emergency Department of the County State Hospital was filled with patients who showed signs of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It is estimated that the population of the Sakarya province increased to 10-15 times during the sacrifice holiday of Karasu with a population of 65 thousand, while the experts from the Sakarya Provincial Health Directorate established that the disease & # 39; norovirus infection & # 39; used to be.

In the past 6 days the number of people who had registered with the same complaint at the emergency service of the Karasu State Hospital reached 4 thousand 500 people.

The statement from the Health Directorate is as follows:
"Norovirus is infectious with food and beverages as well as people in contact with people and is associated with virus sickness, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea symptoms, and patients have sufficient fluid intake and it is necessary to apply to the healthcare facility of the patients who have more nausea and vomiting, especially children, the elderly and chronic diseases Hand hygiene with soap and water is the most important way of protection and drinking, drinking water for indoor use, green vegetables and fruit should be washed with boiled water or kept in circulating water 3 days not working, such as cooking and patient distribution, h It is recommended not to make as direct contact with non-asthmatics as possible and not to enter the swimming pools It is recommended that the surfaces that come into contact with the wounds of the Patients are wiped with bleach, and it is recommended that patients should not be treated until 48-72 hours after h passing their complaints to a collective place, to rest in their homes and not to use neighborhood fountains that are not under the control of SABSY. From 26 August, the number of cases that came to our care institutions with the same complaints from the first day of patient applications amounted to 4 thousand 500. Treatment and follow-up of all cases applied to our health institutions were made. There are enough staff in our hospitals and there are no serious cases that require hospitalization. "


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