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According to the information obtained, the villages Tavşanlı and Çavuş that are connected to the province of the car have not yet been determined because of the afternoon forest fire that started in the evening. The fire that grew in a short time reached the settlements. The citizens who saw the smoke from the fire around the forest area were present. Arazözler was attached to the scene of the Director of Vehicle Forestry Operations and was caught in the fire. The teams of the Vehicle Municipal Fire Brigade asked for help about the failure of the teams. It has become increasingly violent that a fire of around 200 hectares of forest land has been damaged.

Kastamonu Regional Directorate of Forestry continues to work on fire extinguishing, Forest Management Agency of the Agency, Fire Department, DSİ 23 Regional and Highways 15 Regional Directorate Teams with Bursa and Karabük & # 39; Two Fire Brigade Helicopters intervene. The helicopters were stopped by Karabük by stopping the air. It was learned that two fire-fighting helicopters would join the extinguishing work again in the morning.


Deputy Governor Vedat Yilmaz, the fire area has been a constant investigation. Governor Yilmaz, who received information from authorities about firefighting, also visited the civilians who waited in the mosque.

An official from the Kastamonu Forest District director informed governor Yilmaz that the fire spread from the top and that Shan had no problems here. The helicopters can not get up in the air, so we will continue to extinguish with two helicopters in the morning. If the helicopter is not enough, we ask for another 2-3 operating helicopters. "

Vice-Governor Yilmaz, who asked for the presence of firebreaks, replied: "There are no fireballs, fire safety lanes are opened with large areas of 500 or 1000 hectares, it was not necessary because there were enough roads to use in the fire extinguisher. these strips are in our other basins such as Samates, we will cut the trees to prevent the fire from moving or spreading Our teams are now on the edge of the fire and will open a row there. intervene in this fire with our Arazözleriz ", he said.

& # 39; NO PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT & # 39;

Deputy Governor Yilmaz, asking whether there is an evacuated settlement, stated that every settlement was not evacuated and said, "Only our yaylarımız were secured, there is no problem for Shuan."

Villagers who say they think an area of ​​1 kilometer is about to be buried in the wooded area said: "The fire is estimated to come from gunfire or picnic fire and we think the area is about 1 kilometer burnt. When the fire started to reach the village of Tavsanlı, we extinguished this fire with the crew, then we went to Çavuş Village, firemen came to the village of Çavuşlu to put it in quarantine, that is, measures were taken against any negative Situation around the village The fire brigade and the Arazozler intervened in the fire, came in helicopters and threw water on the fire, half of Sergeant Village was evacuated, the 750-meter-long area completely burned to ashes. "

Citizens in nearby villages helped fire fighting teams with the ability to reach the villagers of the flames. The villagers who participated in the fire fighting efforts tried to prevent the fire from growing further together with the teams.

Some citizens in the fire in the forest in the field of firefighting and firefighters who participate in the work of fire, the danger of poisoning was affected by the smoke. Instead 112 emergency service teams were sent to the location. The health teams intervened at the place of the citizens affected by the smoke.

With the collapse of the air, the teams in the area where firefighting work does not work prevent the fire from escalating. Some families who came to the sacrificial holiday because of the fire were found to have left their city by collecting their things. Gendarmerie teams, however, do not allow citizens to cross the roads where the fire continues. It was stated that the extinguishing activities in the morning hours will be accelerated again with helicopter support.

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