Kılıçdaroğlu & nd; Dan who calls party leaders: let us join this problem

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, speaking at the group meeting of his party, said:

Syrian migrants

I call on the citizens who voted for the AK party. I am happy with the Syrians. If you are not satisfied why they are complaining, the party will send them to Syria, the Republican People's Party. We will cover this wound.

Violence in health

The violence in health is increasing. During the 83-year republic period, 1 doctor died as a result of violence. The number of doctors who died during the 16 years that the AK party ruled The number of cases of violence was 68.35.3 in 2012-18. I appeal to the presidents of all parties here.

"Operations stopped" claim

I showed you a Gazi Hospital paper. "Continue with processes that are vital, but if it is not vital, stop because we can not get things," he says. I have explained this document. My lord is disturbed. Wow, sir, how do you explain it? I do not hold that document immediately when a document arrives. I will examine that document. I speak to the end, talk to the necessary people and explain it. My morality, my faith. Anyway, there is a document. Army State Hospital says; Do not undergo heart valve surgery except in emergencies. Because it is too expensive. They do not give a price. We do not know what the dollar is. Karadeniz Technical University is also writing here. He says; In some patients, the set of therapeutic apheresis needed for life-saving plasmapheresis is depleted in our supplies and no purchases have been made because no company has bid on all purchases. Who is lying?

The release of Priest Brunson

See how the state is governed. The priest called the spy, the agent, the terrorist. They started with a secret witness, nicknamed "prayer". We have witnessed a secret witness. Erdogan "This poor man, as long as this mission can not get you this terrorist," he said. Has he resigned? Did he stop? Brunson is in America. Who sent it, Erdogan sent. Our priest went by private plane, what did you give? How do you honor the dignity of the Republic of Turkey with honor? Before you gave the priest? What happened? Nailing hero with Turkey can not be managed. Secret witnesses give their statements. Someone who says that the judge misunderstood me. And what happened to these secret witnesses? Why are not they arrested? The biggest damage is justice. We have heard from Americans that Brunson would be released. Whose shame is this? Now I call a very clear and clear appeal to Bahçeli; honor of Turkey playing with dignity, and this government that Turkey put into a difficult situation in the international arena and you will continue to support the palace? They threatened Turkey, bowed to threats.

Inflation prevention

Inflation figures were announced. Natural gas prices, oil prices have landed? They made a 50 percent discount on the pinpon ball. The issue of the fight against inflation and price stability is the subject of the Central Bank. Who explains it, explains the minister. The central bank was independent?

Isbank shares

Before he died, Atatürk writes his will in his handwriting. Isbank shares are not only ours, we represent. "I will take it to the treasure", he says. Now I'm going to take over that bank, he says. A reputable bank in the world … Kenan Evren did the same thing, he was a dictator. We will make every battle on the basis of the law. Violence can not intimidate us. We are going to the trot.

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