Kocaeli Killer City Manager remains under his vehicle

The provincial director who died under his vehicle died

İZMİT (Kocaeli), (DHA) – KOCAELİ Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Ilhan Special (65), left the car in the driveway, leaving the vehicle behind after the endless life of the car.

In the afternoon Başiskele Damlar Mahallesi Mahmut Çavuş Caddesi was crowned in Ziya Paşa Sokak. Kocaeli Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry İlhan Özel brought food to the workers who worked on the street construction work. When he left his 34 ZB 9350 plate wagon on the ramp, İlhan Özel wanted to buy the food in the suitcase. Meanwhile, after crushing the car, after crushing Ilhan Special, about 100 meters later, the stop at the end of the road could multiply. Police and health teams came to the scene when the victims saw the accident. 112 Emergency team was seriously injured İlhan Özel & # 39; e first came into action. Kocaeli State Hospital, Ilhan Special structure, despite all interventions could not be saved.

Kocaeli Deputy Governor Dursun Balaban, who is at the scene of the investigation, is right in our minds. At this moment the investigations are under way. These results become clear. The event is still very fresh. It becomes clear after the assessments. he said.

It was learned that İlham Özel, the father of two children, will serve in Kocaeli for five years and will retire after three months.

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