Last minute: Another blow for the PKK in Şırnak! Those terrorists have been caught

IHA | Saturday, August 25, 2018 – 10:38 pm | Last updated: 26 08 2018 – 7:36

Sirnak provincial gendarmerie command by the commander of Şırnak on the site of Şırnak #n Uludere Şenoba Çukuryayla township in the operation was held as a terrorist right in the PKK two terrorists.

According to the information obtained, by the units connected with the Sirnak Provincial Gendarmerie Command Uludere & # 39; nin Şenoba Çukuryayla on the site at 19:45 on the occasion of entering the country illegal way to enter the country was organized on the intelligence information . As a result of the operation performed, 2 ICU members were caught while 1 kanas and 1 m16 were confiscated.

The terrorists who were seized were & # 39; Mazlum Goyi & # 39; in the codename Mazlum Kaçan and & # 39; Kahraman & # 39; in the codename are Delightful Benefits; & # 39; Mazlum Goyi & # 39; code named Mazlum Kaçan & 39n Kel Mehmet side threefold board member was identified. The activities in the region are being continued.


Ministry of the Interior, in an attempt to cross from northern Iraq to Turkey, one of the so-called "Kel Mehmet Front" triple-play members were allegedly seized two terrorists right.

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