Last minute: armored car with special operations has caused an accident! There are many victims

The accident took place at 7:45 am in the Hasankeyf district in the countryside. According to the information received, the armored vehicle was rolled into a crane with the special operation officer who went to the operation. Six police officers were injured in the accident. After the accident the helicopter was sent to the region. The wounded were taken to the state hospital Selahattin Eyyübi by the ambulances that were ready to be detained at the Gendarmerie Air Group Command in the Diyarbakir 7th Corps Commandership where they were brought by helicopter. An accident investigation has started.

According to the Batman governor's statement about the accident: "Today, on May 7, the police special vehicle that transports the police's special operations team to the operation in the rural Hasankeyf district is slightly injured. hospital with the helicopter sent on the spot for our injured police officers. & # 39;

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