Last minute … big fire in Konya

Fire broke out in the wood and decoration workshop of Hasan Çınar at the Marangozlar Sanayi sites in the district of Karatay in the center at 17:00. Those who saw the flames rise for reasons that could not be determined, told the fire brigade. Many firefighters, police and health workers were sent to the scene, while the area was intense. The fire hit the next job. Fire crews started to work to extinguish the flames. Firefighters wanted a helicopter for air support.

Last minute ... big fire in Konya

Hasan Çınar, who had a nervous breakdown to cover his job with flames, tried to calm his relatives. The woman who heard the fire and went through the nervous breakdown on the spot. It was observed that some people gathered around the fire during the fire and saw the rising flames. Work is being done to extinguish the flames.

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Last minute ... big fire in Konya

Hasan Çınar, the owner of the workshop, had a nervous breakdown

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