Last minute: Binali Yıldırım: Get the required answer twice

President Binali Yıldırım spoke at the event in Malazgirt because of the 947 anniversary of Malazgirt Victory. Lightning "the Turkish nation, changed the history of victories on August 26, 1071 and the judge left the whole world to keep the sword of Islam excellent." The Republic of Turkey is the successor of a great civilization, each of us the responsibility to perpetuate the development of this civilization, "he said.

Lightning Voters reports against attacks on Turkey, "Great Turkey in what economic coup is trying what was not the result of the coup attempts of traitors, as will be July 15. The answer must protect to threaten Turkey to take the ever-time," he said.

"I advise our partners to show a new approach to normalizing relationships by giving up their attitude of futility and dismissal, which they exhibit, as soon as possible," said the parliamentary president Yıldırım.


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