Last minute … Burn flame! The settlements are under threat!

The fire brigade of Sivas, Giresun, Tokat, Amasya Forestry Operations Directorate and the villagers came into the pine forest in the middle of the pine forests, which had not yet been established.

Giresun Forest District Manager Mustafa Özkaya, told reporters, fire, said in the evening, came in the evening. Ozkaya stated that the first intervention in the fire was carried out with 2 arazos in the province of Koyulhisar: "In 15 minutes the fire was intervened and the fire was under control." Our fire extinguishing and cooling work will continue until sabahat. he said.

Environmentalists to intervene in the fire to the road and work the machines in the woods of the road to do the work Özkaya, said:

"We will probably speed up the morning, there is no danger of fire, no danger to the residential areas, we have no shortage of transport by road, it remains normal traffic flow, there is nothing to worry about. 96 percent of the fire in Turkey Currently, the work of our security forces and our forestry organization is continued with our perpetrators and agents, and they will be informed when a demarcation is reached, as it is estimated that a field of 6- 7 hectares are effective, there is a place with burning and non-burning areas, there are places where there are hilly places, there are places such as fence, Forest Management, Forest Management and fire crews while in the meantime the vehicles of the surrounding municipalities are t state follows the subject seriously and has drawn up a will at the end of the term. "

Taşkın Kaynar from Sarıkaya village said he saw the fire as he went to the center of the district. "We saw a smoke and a flame ball just behind the houses, and the Koyulhisar community fire brigade was on the verge of coming in. We thought the fire was small, we saw it was bigger when we went in. Then we went back to the keeper, electricity was cut off in the village, she said.

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