Last minute: Catastrophic accident on the coastal road of the Black Sea! 2 dead, 6 wounded

Giresun Bulancak town goes towards the army in Iskele, the foreign-driven vehicle quickly hit the road while the car stopped in the red light. Güldalı family of vehicles jumped due to the impact of the impact of road jammed Güldalı Yesil Güldalı vehicle on the spot, Sami Güldalı severely injured in the hospital where he was removed as a wounded.

The other 4 people in the vehicle were taken to the hospital as injured. It was mentioned that the two people in the car with a foreign car were also taken to the severely injured hospital and that their situation was critical.


In the morning hours of traffic in Giresun, Bulancak lost his life in the city of Bulancak and seemed to be kaynata.

It was learned that Sami Güldalı and his wife Yeşim Güldalı had lost their lives in 34 vehicles of FNT 41 in the accident on the square. The son of Sami Güldalı, Yusuf Güldalı, and his grandson learned that life threats continued.

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