Last Minute … Eurasia tunnel open for traffic

An unmanned engine in the evening of the Eurasia tunnel in Yenikapi, the only tunnel that connected the two sides of Istanbul to the tube junction, caused a horror-filled moment in the engine.

as soon as 155 on the engine has been reported about the measures taken.

After the tunnel was closed for traffic, the engine was inspected and no bombs or explosives were found.


The motorcycle with insufficient petrol was a suspect and the motorcycle proved to be in tension because the motorcycle reached the owner because of the question of the license plate or the possibility that this could be due to a breakdown or fuel exhaustion. stayed in the tunnel. When the motorcycle was examined, the Eurasia tunnel was passed in both directions.

In the declaration of the governorship of Istanbul it is understood that "the investigation of the technical teams in the Eurasia tunnel has revealed that the notification was unfounded and the flow has been restarted. "Named

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