Last Minute … Fearful moments on the interactive ferry! The truck had fallen and …

A truck on a caravan ferry that took the Yalova-Yenikapi expedition was overthrown by gigantic waves. The truck prevented a possible catastrophe when nobody in the car on the car on the car ferry turned around.

Event, & # 39; evening, IDO Yalova Yenikapi campaign made a ferry on an Arab ferry. According to the acquired knowledge and accusation, a truck on a ferry that flew from Yalova was thrown together with the waggon shake of gigantic waves. The truck was skipped from a possible catastrophe in the absence of someone in the vehicles that were tilted on the vehicles on the ship.

A passenger on the ship during the incident said: "There was a sudden wave, we heard a shout behind him, we thought there was a boy, there was a quake, we looked around and saw that the truck was moving to the other. car was rolled, "he said.
The caravan ferry, where the passengers were panicking, continued this time. The towing vehicle that had been tilted to the Yenikapi pier on the Arab ferry was removed. An investigation into the case has started.

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