Last minute … Important comments from President Erdogan Twitter!

President Erdoğan shared a message on his Twitter account for his second legislative year. Erdogan: "Year 27 of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, I do not want to have an opportunity to the 2nd Legislative year," he said. Erdogan, the message: "so far, acting with our nation, if we overcome any problem, then we will continue to achieve the same successes," he said.

Continuing its share, President Erdogan said, the security crises in our neighborhood have never taken us away from our goals. "Because we have always been in the international arena, we prepare our country for the bright future with a sense of sensitivity and determination." "We will continue to implement the reforms we need in the economy without jeopardizing the rules of the free market and budgetary discipline." he said.

These are the messages from President Erdoğan;

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